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Alfred Benesch & Company Reduce Data Collection Costs by 50%

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Alfred Benesch & Company Reduce Data Collection Costs by 50%

September 2012

Alfred Benesch & Company is an industry leader in transportation engineering and has completed thousands of projects throughout the United States. Benesch was seeking a technology that would expedite traffic studies, collect pedestrian counts and visually record traffic movements for auditing purposes. Ultimately, Benesch needed to improve data quality, accuracy and reliability while creating cost savings for the company and its clients.

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Case Studies

McClure Engineering Reduces Data Collection Time by 65%

March 2012

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McClure Engineering manages a number of large projects which require traffic data collection. During peak periods, simultaneous projects can tie up their staff which draws out lead time for completing various traffic studies. As a result, they were looking for a traffic data collection solution that would free up company resources while providing timely and accurate traffic data.

Ingebaires Decreases Traffic Study Costs by Nearly 70%

February 2012

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Ingebaires SLU was looking for a traffic data collection solution that would allow them to collect more data and have the capacity to service more clients while not being limited to working only in daytime hours or mild weather conditions. After investigating their options and current business environment, they needed an automated system that was non-intrusive and that would provide accurate data in various weather conditions and during the night.

Gloucestershire County Council Cuts Traffic Survey Time by 85%

December 2011

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Interested in improving and innovating their traffic data collection methods, Gloucestershire County Council wanted to implement a lead edge system that would decrease the time required for staff to collect traffic data and improve turnaround time on getting data to the end user, directly impacting the cost structure and engineering efficacy.

Missouri DOT doubles data collection with 84% less labor

July 2011

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The Missouri Department of Transportation District Five had historically doubled the amount of counts to 130 – 140 per year. In early 2010, a statewide reduction in labor forces meant eliminating a part-time role whose primary responsibility was data collection, making it extremely difficult to meet their newly established goals.

Qk4 Engineers Automate Data Collection & Increase Profit by 40%

January 2011

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Wanting to stay ahead of competition and be on the cutting edge, QK4’s traffic engineering department is always looking for new technology which will increase productivity and provide added value for their clients and to their projects.

Navigating the Approval Process

January 2011

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BCSMPO can now easily generate high quality data at a cost savings compared to manual counting. Most intersections have historically required two manual counters from Texas A&M University, doubling counting costs, which means Miovision could potentially save the BCSMPO up to 73% per count.

Farmington gets more traffic data in less time

December 2010

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The City of Farmington (Pop. 43,412) has approximately 80 signals, which they count on a three-year rotation. Traffic data collection is done to review signal timings, and to honor requests from their MPO, Community Development Planners, Police Department, City Council and citizens.

Engineering Firm automates Roundabout Counts and reduces labor by more than 85%

September 2010

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Qatar Survey Analysts (QSA) is a Civil Engineering firm that collects traffic data and produces comprehensive reports for their clients. Roundabouts counts are a significant portion of their business. Historically, roundabouts were manually studied by counting movements from each approach, then using these movements to estimate the unknown movements using the ALGebraic Solution (ALGS) method.

City of Charlotte Collects 1500 Hours of Turning Movement Counts with Only One Staff Member

August 2010

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The City of Charlotte simplified their complex data collection with Miovision’s automated technology. One staff member easily collected hundreds of hours of turning movement counts during their three month counting period.

The City of Edmonton grows count program and cuts costs by 54%

July 2010

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The City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Pop. 1M+) was tasked with updating their Transportation Master Plan to encourage multi-modal transportation and move away from drive-alone vehicles. The Plan called for additional performance measurements to benchmark improvements, which included longer Turning Movement Counts; Trails, Paths and Walkway Counts; Arterial Classification counts; and Generational Counts in focus neighborhoods.

Miovision’s Rental Plan in Action

May 2010

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As part of a larger project, HDR | iTRANS won a signal retiming and coordination improvement project for Thickwood Boulevard and Confederation Way, two arterial roads for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Alberta, Canada. To accomplish the signal retiming portion of the project HDR | iTRANS required up-to-date and accurate turning movement counts at 15 intersections.


Traffic Counting at Roundabouts Using Video Technology: A Practitioner’s View

June 2011 | by American Structurepoint

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URS Comparison of Turning Movement Count Data Collection Methods for a Signal Optimization Study

May 2011 | by URS Corporation

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AlburyCity Comparison of Traffic Data Collection Methods

October 2010 | by AlburyCity


Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Traffic Detection Technologies

September 2010 | by Minnesota Department of Transportation and SRF Consulting Group


Estimating TMV in Large Occluded Roundabouts

August 2010 | by Miovision Technologies


Accuracy Comparison of Non‐Intrusive, Automated Traffic Volume Counting Equipment

October 2009 | by Albeck Gerken


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